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The simplest and most personalized tool for events

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Why exchange?

Exchang.es makes it easy for individuals and organizations to create and promote anything from talks and conferences to performances or hackathons.


Create and promote your event

Add event description and details, use our promotion tools and start collecting registrations.

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Grow a community of loyal followers

Engage more people with every exchange you create, and use our following tools to build your own personal brand

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Monetize your skills and expertise

Use PayPal to collect and manage payments from your participants up-front.

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It's free to create an Exchange! You only get charged when you make a sale.


Organizing a free event?

There are no costs or fees of any kind. It’s always free!


Charging money for your event?

You only get charged when you make a sale. Exchang.es Service Fee 9% + PayPal fee

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