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18 March 2014 19:00–21:00

Achieving goals: workshop

Москва, 2-й Щемиловский пер., 4

Встреча английского клуба, уровень — средний-продвинутый

Everyone has some things they want to achieve in their lives. They are all different: some want to lose weight and get in shape, others — to become healthier, to buy a car and so on. Everyone uses different approaches in order to achieve their goals. But sometimes it is more challenging than it seems to be in the beginning. At our Tuesday meetup we’ll discuss what it takes to accomplish any goals. How much motivation is needed? Participants will try to analyze the experience of the most successful people, watch a couple of TED talks and, finally, discuss a simple strategy which can be really helpful in making progress and getting things done.

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  • +7 926 426 82 52


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