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4 March 2014 19:00–21:00

Английский клуб, тема “The art of conversation.”

Москва, 2-й Щемиловский пер., 4

Встреча/воркшоп для уровней от среднего до продвинутого.

Conversation is a form of communication. People enter conversations for different purposes: to get to know new people, to find out some information, to state their point of view, or to enjoy social interactions.

There are people who seem to have knack for conversations. They can easily talk to anybody about anything. But you don“t have to be born with this gift as conversation skills can be developed and mastered. That”s what we’re going to work on at our Tuesday meetup. Participants will learn how to give their opinion, interrupt, contradict and more. This lesson will teach them how to confidently interact and communicate in English in personal, social, and professional situations.

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★ +7 926 426 82 52


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