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4 June 2014 19:30–21:30

Английский разговорный клуб: Inspiration (you only live once)

Москва, 2-й Щемиловский пер., 4

Встреча английского клуба, просмотр короткометражного фильма, дискуссия на темы вдохновений, образа жизни и путешествий (intermediate — upper-intermediate)

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all”.

At our next meeting we’ll be talking about inspiration, life, and travel. What inspires you most in life? Are there any people who encourage you? What helps you to move on when everything seems to go wrong? What is your motto? Share your attitude and thoughts, watch and discuss an inspiring short film with us.

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★ +7 926 426 82 52


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