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2–27 June 2014


7,000 р.
IMRIS Иностранные Языки
Санкт-Петербург, малый пр. ПС 87

The Business English courses are designed to help you connect with your clients and colleagues by communicating with them more effectively in the workplace.

Please pay attention to the main conditions of participation

  • To register for this course you should take preliminary test on English level knowledge which will take you 20 min
  • The group consists of 5 people max
  • Please register for the course by phone 332-97-55, +7911-717-7388

Our Business English courses are designed to meet the needs of personnel from international companies and organisations with the emphasis on:

  • Developing vocabulary and grammar with particular reference to business and professional situations
  • Building confidence and fluency to enable you to communicate effectively in your working life
  • Helping you interact with international colleagues and customers in both business and social surroundings


  1. Basic knowledge of intercultural communications
  2. Your workplace: basic techniques for talking to people in business situations
  3. On the phone: basic techniques for using telephone in business, telephone negotiations
  4. International trade: ordering and supplying goods or services, making inquiries and offers
  5. Dealing with problems: complaining and apologising, delivery and after sales problems
  6. Visitors and travellers: looking after foreign visitors, business trips, small talk
  7. Meetings: formal/informal meetings, sales and negotiations
  8. Business writing: emails and official letters​

Recommended level: Intermedaite and higher

Duration of the course: 36 hourse

Price of the course: 7000 Rub


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