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2 June 2014 19:00–22:00

Business Writing in English

300 р.
IMRIS Иностранные Языки
Санкт-Петербург, малый пр. ПС 87

Добро пожаловать на второй цикл Бизнес Семинаров! :)

Дорогие, друзья! Обращаем ваше внимание на изменение дня проведения наших Бизнес Семинаров на английском: отныне Семинары проводятся по Понедельникам в 19.00

Обязательна предварительная регистрация по тел: 332-97-55, +7911-717-7388!

Content of the Seminar:

1. Planning business writing — tips for improving the quality of writing

2. Different types of letters:

— Business proposals

— Report writing

— Electronica Messaging (e-mail)

— Confirmations

— Giving reasons letters

— Requests

— Appologies

3. Structures of Business writing

4. Informal Business writing

Purpose of the Seminar:

Improve the efficiency of business writing

Tasks of the Seminar if development of the following skills:

1. presentation of information in an organised, structured way so as to achieve a specific objective

2. use a business-like style and vocabulary, while displaying sensitivity to different levels of reader expertise

3. Eepress ideas with confidence and clarity, supporting persuasive and logical arguments

Recommended English level: Intermedaite and higher

The cost of the Seminar — 300 Rub


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