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30 September–2 October 2013

Communicate your idea: A practical workshop in two parts

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Москва, Тверская ул., 7

Having trouble making your ideas heard? Come train that ability and craft a clear piece of communication for yourself

If you“re a start-up entrepreneur, a student making a portfolio, an artists applying for a scholarship or in other ways dependent on others in making your dreams come true, then it”s essential that you know how to communicate those dreams clearly and in a compelling manner.

In this exchange we’ll go through best-practices (texts, speeches, videos, ads and websites) and unlock some of the logics behind great messages that succeed in drawing people in and sticking in the back their mind.

The exchange is divided in two evening sessions. Each session starts with a short introduction before we go into practical application by digging into your real-life projects in small work-groups. We will help each other perfect our messages, and we will do so in quick ideations and through group feedback.

SESSION 1: September 30th, 19.00-22.00

Content: Introduction to best practice cases, discussions of underlying principles & practical group workshops

SESSION 2: October 2nd, 19.00-22.00

Content: Individual presentations, practical group workshops & future action planning


1 A concrete idea of your own that you want help communicating

2 An open mind for helping others with communicating their ideas


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