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12 September 2013

Free improvisation

Moscow (Москва)

Free improvisation @DI picnic

Don“t panic. I know this sounds scary, but we will go step by the step.

I will guide you through exercises and games, and I promise this will be fun.

Audience will not be allowed. The goal is to enjoy ourselves, express freely, not to judge nor get judged ; and to play music together like madmen.

We will work mostly with energy and timbre, so you don”t need to be a musician to participate. In fact, anybody can join.

If you have a “portable” instrument you can bring it (no double-bass nor piano!), but if you don“t that”s fine, I have enough instruments for everybody. I“ll take max 10 people for one session, but if there”s enough participants we can organize several sessions.


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