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18 July 2013 04:00

How to start a movement

DI Telegraph
Москва, Тверская ул., 7

Lessons from leading a campaign of a newcomer party

(date TBC — want to see if there“s any interest first)

In 2010, I joined a meeting of about 15 guys, who had the plan to enter the Dutch parliament in the elections. Six months later, our movement had grown to thousands and we gathered half the votes necessary to enter parliament (not bad for a newcomer).

In the meantime we had managed to register the political party (a very difficult process), amassed support from even the most remote regions of the country, raised some funds and ran a campaign on pretty much zero budget.

Throughout that time I was campaign manager, as well as a parliamentary candidate, press spokesman and countless other things.

It”s about all the ways in which we failed.

It“s about all the reasons we stayed united.

It”s about how we were able to branch out of our own networks and appeal to a wider audience and add new people to our movement, one at a time.

And find out why we all burnt out during the elections and didn’t speak to each other for at least a few months.

Learn what it means to build a movement.


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