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14 December 2013 09:00

«Секрет Мотивации. Что скрывает Тони Роббинс?» — Воркшоп ученицы знаменитого спикера

2,500 р.
Holiday Inn Moscow Sokolniki
Москва, Русаковская ул., 24

ГЛАВНОЕ событие команды Тони Роббинса в России 2013 года — первый и единственный Воркшоп Асель Сыдыковой, ученицы Тони Роббинса, в рамках ее европейского турне.

The workshop will help you expand the boundaries of your internal capacity to summarize 2013, outline a plan breakthrough efficiency and growth of your business in 2014.

Seminar on “The Secret Motivation. What Lies Tony Robbins? “We value you for you:

• Interested in developing and improving personal effectiveness as well as their business

• Strive for self-development, want to achieve success in their personal life and in business.

• Deep down you know that deserve more than you have now.

• Long want to learn all the most effective "chips” strategy of personal growth from Tony Robbins, but you have not yet possible to fly to London for 4 days, and there are only 8 hours.

• These 8:00 willing to spend on it to learn the secrets of success from the main student Tony Robbins, a special guest coach — expert from London

Visiting expert — Asel Sadykova (London, UK)

• Head “coaching Success Academy "in the UK

• A coach, trainer and speaker with a unique style of learning.

• Development Manager International Company Success Resources, which organizes large-scale events around the world with outstanding speakers planet like Donald Trump, Richard Branson, Robert Kiyosaki, Michael Jordan, Bill Clinton and others

• Author of the book: "”Infinite Courage” Raise a Winner "

Invited guests and experts:

Gil Peters, coach LNA Skolkovo, passionate startup accelerator

Karl Pearsall — leader and inspirer «YES Group»

Paul Kochkin acting businessman, coach, creator of the training “Purpose”

Leonid Bugaev — founder of the Academy of Experts and the owner of creative digital-agency Nordic Agency AB (Moscow-Stockholm)

All these people when — they were disciples of Anthony Robbins and succeeded by applying its lessons in life.

PS And that’s all! At the end of the event, all participants will receive valuable gifts (gift books and CDs) worth a total value of 4000 rubles!

And you can become the owner of one of the prizes that will be awarded in a special lottery. Interestingly, the fall you: Ipad Mini, training from Tony Robbins, a ticket for an outstanding business — event or 3-day financial seminar in London?

Time and place: Saturday, December 14, Holiday Inn Sokolniki


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