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31 January–2 February 2014

Skoltech Hackathon 3.0

ЦМИТ Кнокет
Москва, Болотниковская, дом 25

The third Skoltech Hackathon is devoted to electronics and embedded systems!

Attention Skoltech, Phystech and Bauman University students! Very soon, from 31th January till 2th February, the Skoltech Hackathon 3.0 will be held, and it will be even more grandiose than our previous ones! This time we are going to hack electronics!

The topic of Skoltech Hackathon 3.0 will be embedded systems. It will be the part of Emecs-thon, the global Hackathon on Embedded Systems and will take place in parallel in Germany, England, Norway, Romania and Palestine! One of the limitations Emecs-thon is that participants should be only from the partner universities but we managed to get permission for Phystech and Bauman University students to participate as well!


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