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22–29 June 2014

street-photography course with Alina Tarabarinova /www.ra-zoom.net/

32,500 р.
Saint Petersburg (Санкт-Петербург)


The workshop is aimed at photographers, both professionals and advanced amateurs, interested in improving their documentary, narrative and storytelling skills along with mastering their own visual language.

Group size: 4 people

Fees: €650 per person

The package includes:

— regular professional guidance

— airport pickup and drop off

— accommodation (quiet house in the village, 9 km from the city)

— driver to the city and back

— breakfast

— access to a photo lab

Enter a photographer’s dream world where the sun never really goes down. Navigate through the blurred time & space of famous White Nights in St. Petersburg. Watch an insomniac’s dream. Look behind the scenes. Walk on the flapping wings of the opening bridges. Discover what this uncanny time of perpetual glow reveals: roofs, nooks and hidden corners. Their inhabitants descended from Dostoevsky and Gogol.

Unity of Place. Unity of Time. Unity of Action.

Every student develops his own project and all students work together on a group topic. All days share the same curriculum: afternoon: photo sessions, in group or alone. evening: photos review, discussions. night (optional): movies, wine, chess and merry-go-rounds.

Artist’s who are selected for a workshop are expected to be self motivated, self organizing and self contained and to meet all their own expenses other than accommodation and working space. 
English or Russian language skills are welcome!

Application form: more or less 9 pictures, made recently and a few words about yourself.

Application deadline: 4 June 2014

Please mail to: a_tarabarinova@mail.ru

Welcome to visit and participate, guys!


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