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13 September 2013 19:00–21:00

Introduction to Pure Data sound programming language

DI Telegraph
Москва, Тверская ул., 7

two-hour hands-on introduction to sound synthesis and Pure Data.

Pure Data is one of the most popular software for programming sound. Mostly because it uses a very intuitive graphical language that any non-programmer can understand. You don“t need to know anything before-hand to come. We”ll get through the basic techniques of sound synthesis, and use them to make some crazy sounds.

Please come with a laptop with Pure Data (or Pd-extended) installed. You can get it from here : http://puredata.info/downloads .

Here is the program :

— What is sound?

— What is Pure Data?

— Additive synthesis

— Amplitude modulation

— Frequency modulation

— Subtractive synthesis

— Jam session

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