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9 April 2014 19:30–21:30

Встреча английского клуба: американский слэнг и идиомы.

Москва, 2-й Щемиловский пер., 4

Обсуждение популярного американского слэнга и идиом.

Idioms and slang are special words and language used within a culture or group of people. They can be different depending which area they are used in. For example, there is California slang, New York slang and etc. It can be very difficult to understand what people are saying if you don“t know slang and idioms. At this Wednesday”s meetup participants will learn the most common American idioms and slang and try to use them in different contexts, also they’ll be able to share their favorite ones and express their opinion on slang in general.

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