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23 April 2014 19:30–21:30

Встреча английского клуба: small talk

Москва, 2-й Щемиловский пер., 4

Встреча английского разговорного клуба для уровней средний-продвинутый.

Small talk is a casual form of conversation usually with people you don“t know very well. It helps you not only to “break the ice” and build a meaningful bond with a person but can be a very useful skill which you can use both in professional and personal worlds. At our Wednesday”s meetup participants will be able to master small talk. They’ll discuss certain topics that people often use during these moments, learn how to start a conversation, make it positive and light, engage the other person and so on.

Please sign up before you show up:

  • +7 926 426 82 52


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