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Frequently Asked Questions

Creating an exchange+

  • Q: What is an Exchange?

    A: An exchange can be any kind of learning event: a cooking session, a workshop on how to make your own t-shirt, a small course on programming, a talk about design or a business meet-up.

  • Q: How do I create an exchange?

    A: It’s simple. Go to [create exchange], add a headline, an inspiring photo and a description of what’s going to happen. That’s it. After this you will have a beautiful event-page that we will include in our feeds and you can promote all the places you want to.

  • Q: Who can do an exchange?

    A: We welcome everyone from beginner chefs to Mandarin teachers or professional developers. What matters here is that you are inspired about what you do and up for sharing it with others!

  • Q: What is my role as a host?

    A: The host is the designer of an exchange. As a host, you set the goal, the form, the time and the place of your exchange. You are responsible for everything running according to planned, but every participant plays a big part in making sure an exchange becomes a great and wonderful experience for everyone involved.

  • Q: How can I create a profile for my organization?

    A: It’s very simple. You go to your profile settings. Here you can create and manage your organizations. Once you have created your organization you can start to add as many co-owners as you like, and these will have all the necessary functionality to announce new exchanges on behalf of your organization.

  • Q: Can an exchange be a webinar or in some other way take place online?

    A: Exchang.es is made to support local and physical meet-ups between people. That being said, feel free to play around with the platform. We are curious to see how people will see new opportunities in the platform.

  • Q: Can I organize my exchange in other cities than Moscow?

    A: Yeah. Why not? Currently we are focusing our partner-efforts on Moscow and Sct. Petersburg, which means that we have better promotion tools for those exchanges that happen here. But if you feel that you are able to find all your participants on your own, then we’d be thrilled to see exchanges happening all over the world!

  • Q: How do I promote my exchange?

    A: Soon we will bring you powerful tools to help you bring lots of people to your exchange. For now, we encourage you to share it with your friends on your social media channels, and invite your Exchanges-followers using the manage exchange page.

  • Q: Are there guidelines somewhere for how you create a great exchange?

    A: From time to time we will do exchanges on our own where we share best practices on everything from how to write a good announcement and picking the right photo to how you better advertise your exchange and make sure your participants have a great time. If you want to keep yourself posted then follow the Exchang.es Team [here].

  • Q: Will Exchang.es edit my text or change the picture?

    A: Making an inspiring exchange is up to you. We don’t edit or add to your post. If you are looking for tips and tricks then you can follow [the Exchang.es Team] and we will notify you of exchanges that we do ourselves on all the best practices that we discover along the way.

  • Q: Can I add a co-host to my exchange?

    A: Yes, it’s simple. Go to your exchange, click manage exchange, find the host tab and add your new co-host. Your co-host will be notified by mail.

  • Q: Can I add a host or co-host that doesn’t have an Exchang.es profile?

    A: Yes. Go to your exchange, click manage exchange, find the host tab and fill in the name, email and picture of your co-host. An email they will be sent, and your co-host will be able to activate their account shortly thereafter. In the meantime they will appear as a ghost-profile on your exchange.

  • Q: How can I notify my participants about changes in my exchange?

    A: An automated message goes out to all your participants when you change the time of your exchange or alter other crucial categories. You can also notify your members by sending them a message in the activity feed of your exchange.

Participating in an exchange+

  • Q: How do I contact other users?

    A: Once you have joined an exchange you can go into conversation with your fellow participants as well as the host. You can also go to the users profile to research where else you may be able to contact him or her. Some reach out via Twitter or on other social networks.

  • Q: Can I buy multiple tickets at the same time? I'd like to buy one for a friend.

    A: Unfortunately, at this time you can only buy one ticket.

  • Q: What is your refund policy?

    A: With the exception of exchanges that are organized by Exchang.es, the obligation of doing a refund lies with the host, and it’s up to host and participant to come to an agreement. We aren’t able to guarantee that all tickets will be refunded by hosts. We encourage you to notify us about unfair behavior. We will then investigate the case and depending on the outcome ban or issue a ban warning to the host.

  • Q: How much of my ticket is refunded?

    A: In case of successful refund you will receive full ticket price except for fees.


  • Q: How do I receive payment for an exchange?

    A: You need to set up a premium or business account on PayPal to accept payments. This is easy, it takes a minute, and there are no set-up costs. With a premier or business account you’ll be able to accept payment via PayPal as well as all major credit cards.

  • Q: Can I pay without using PayPal or credit card?

    A: No, unfortunately this is not currently possible.

  • Q: Can I advertise my existing event on Exchang.es without using your payment system?

    A: If your exchange is free, then you don’t have to worry about setting up a PayPal account. If your exchange is paid then you need to use our payment system for the tickets that you sell using our platform. That’s our only way of providing a clear and secure service for our community. Reoccurring violations will result in a permanent ban.

  • Q: When will I receive payment for an exchange?

    A: You will receive your payment in five business days after your exchange. Please read our terms of service: https://exchang.es/terms.

  • Q: What does Exchang.es charge?

    A: It’s free to publish unpaid exchanges. For paid exchanges we charge a 9 % fee that covers hosting, payment and promotion fees.

  • Q: Can I receive money from Exchang.es without using PayPal?

    A: Yes, you can. You can receive your money directly from us, if you fill out our form in your account settings (Billing) and upload your documents.